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House of Maths School Workshops Primary & Secondary in Dorset & South - Primary School Maths Assembly Shows

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What shape is a football, and why? Why were the Romans rubbish at maths? How many sides does a Flexagon have? What does “one million” of something look like?

Find out the answers in Barney’s mathemagical House Of Maths shows, combining original and fascinating mathematics with stunning props and a touch of good humour – and covering all aspects of maths from Preschool to Year 8.

Discover how to use “zero” to do magic tricks, and learn the secrets of doing the 99 times table simply in your head. Take a tour through the world of bizarre numbers and super shapes, and find out how to pass your entire school through a hole in a piece of paper. Meet the famous mathematicians from history, and find out why Archimedes ran naked through the streets. And help Mr Measure as he measures capacity, angles and even brain-size.

House Of Maths Shows are best for groups of 60 – 180 students at a time, with separate shows for e.g. Years R,1&2, Years 3&4, Years 5&6 and Years 7&8. Each show from 30 to 60 minutes – you decide – all with incredible custom props, music, microphone and plenty of audience participation. Covering number, shape, pattern and all aspects of Primary and Lower Secondary maths.

House of Maths School Workshops Primary & Secondary in Dorset & South - "Primary School Maths Assembly Shows" Gallery

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A unique and entertaining way of embedding important mathematical ideas, with some wonderfully visual spectacle along the way! Each show fully engaged and delighted the audience.
S. Bamford, St Jhn's Primary School. Midsomer Norton
The learning was pitched exactly right.
N. Chowdury, Stewart Headlam Primary School
Barney is an excellent communicator.
R. Cooke, St John's School Basingstoke
I am ready to re book already!
J. Allen, Corpus Christi School, Bmth
Everyone was buzzing about it all day.
J. Wakeling, Sherborne Primary School