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House of Maths School Workshops Primary & Secondary in Dorset & South - Primary School Maths Workshops

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How can maths help you to win at Monopoly?  Which shapes tesselate and which do not? How is an ABC pattern different to an ABB? How can you tell a hexahedron from a 664? And why are multiples of four so important to pirates?

Explore the laws of chance, construct your own 3-D shapes, or discover the enormous numbers that helped an American schoolgirl prove her maths teacher wrong. Or try a selection of interactive maths games and problem-solving puzzles: work as a team to solve the puzzles, and discover how the hidden maths makes them work. All House Of Maths workshops have been thoroughly road-tested, and are designed to reinforce mental maths and problem-solving strategies, while using mathematics to reveal surprising and beautiful patterns in both the human and the natural worlds.

House Of Maths Workshops are designed for one class size at a time, from Preschool to Year 8 – so ideal for small schools or one-form-entry Primaries. The Maths Workshops typically last from 30 – 60 mins, with up to seven (if 30 minute) workshops during one school day, or combine the workshops with a whole-school maths assembly to start the day off if you like. The workshops can take place in either a classroom or school Hall, but Barney prefers to remain in the same room where possible. Or how about a custom workshop for your “nurture” or “Gifted&Talented” groups, or for a specially selected group plus their parents?


House of Maths School Workshops Primary & Secondary in Dorset & South - "Primary School Maths Workshops" Gallery

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What a success!
K. Durrant, Queens Park Infant School
Very highly recommended!
S. Bamford, St John’s Primary School, Midsomer Norton
The children all asked if he was coming back the next day
J. Stoneham, Lymington Infant School
Thank you so much for an amazing assembly and workshops. Your energy and enthusiasm for Maths is infectious!
L. Richards, St Martin's Bournemouth
We will definitely use again!
R. Townsend, Avenue Primary School